CYCLISTS are still using the pavement cycle track in New Brighton.

I saw youths going on the walking part of the pavement, too fast as usual.

We did our exercise one day on the Wirral Way walking.

It was too busy with bikes and even though signs are up saying "single file and don't go fast".

Some people do not adhere to the signs and acted like they were in a race.

So we went on the horse path which is much quieter on our way back we met a family on bikes.

We had to go into the bushes to keep our distance from them!

But later two young men came hurtling at us on bikes.

My husband said "this isn't for bikes." 

One of the cyclists shouted as he passed him "I'm trying to avoid people".

He certainly was not social distancing and carried on going fast.

His friend also going fast slowed when "I said our dog is old and got arthritis".

He just said "it's ok" and swung fast around her!

Not all cyclists are like this but it is getting worse, not just on the front but roads and pavements too.

They seem to do what they like plus going through red lights.

So dangerous.

I'm a driver, so know some drivers do what they like too.

You see and hear them sometimes racing around New Brighton, Leasowe Road and beyond.

Is Wirral becoming an area of people who don’t care and do what they like?

Wirral resident, by email