UNDER Government guidelines my works, which I would rather not say what I do or where, is still closed.

However when we do reopen I am dreading more than anything the anti social behaviour and yobs which were a constant source of frustration for the staff and customers before the lockdown began.

I know for a fact these yobs will deliberately try and cough and spit in peoples faces, that’s how vile they are.

What are we meant to do if this happens?

Management aren't interested and all the police say is "It's a grey area, there's not a lot you can do etc".

It shouldn't be a grey area.

I want to know what my rights are as would anyone else in these situations.

I once had seven yobs surround me, giving me verbal abuse and threatening me.

I am sick of hearing on the news and in the papers these thugs going around starting on people for no reason.

They are hurled in front of the courts if arrested and are given the lightest punishment possible such as a rehabilitation course which probably costs the taxpayer thousands and results in them going out causing further trouble.

They give reasons such as he/ she suffers with ADHD, difficult upbringing etc, this may be the case but it doesn’t give them the right to go around acting like this.

Anti Social Behaviour in England is in my opinion out of control and the police are powerless to stop it, it’s too far gone.

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