IN reply to my recent Globe letter on PPE supply, Mr Elwin has rudely called me 'contemptible' for pointing out the actual official Government facts about Covid 19 infection rates in the NHS and generally.

These are not 'my statistics'.

Mr Elwin also questions my qualifications to comment and calls me an 'unqualified amateur'.

Actually I spent my career building mathematical models similar to those used by the Government to develop Covid 19 strategy.

The official data so far show that NHS staff are no more at risk of death than the general population.

That is the science.

Since my first letter the Government has changed its advice having finally admitted that PPE does have benefits for the general population.

They now recommend that people make their own DIY 'face coverings', which is what my letter said weeks ago, so as not to divert PPE from the NHS.

I still agree with this completely.

Mr Elwin, like millions of others in the UK, should stop throwing about false accusations, stop uninformed knee-jerk emotional responses promoted by the media, follow the science and use his brain.

If we do not do this the few tens of thousands of deaths so far will become a drop in the ocean.

Mr Elwin and his idiotic ilk make me feel sorry for the Government.

Professor D P Gregg (retired)