LITTER and improper disposal of used dog pooh bags has long been an issue of concern ... none more so than at the present time.

During the pandemic, key workers continue to put their health and safety at risk on a daily basis, for which I, as grateful citizen, thank you.

However, those people who continue to throw their litter and used doggy bags over the railings into the closed-off children's area in Farnworth Avenue, Moreton, should be ashamed of themselves.

Who do they think will have to clean up this area to make it safe for children to use when it re-opens?

In the interim, the increasing piles are an attraction for vermin, thus adding another problem to the situation for neighbouring properties.

Have these people no shame?

The very least they can do show their gratitude and respect is to safely dispose their own rubbish.

Preferably, at home.

Susan A Headford, Moreton