WHY has it taken an horrific virus to appreciate the NHS and carers?

They have always been there for everybody; always doing a job they just get on with.

Nothing is any trouble for them.

They are loyal and dedicated.

Not so long back they all had their own stress and worries.

They were going to work for long hours, probably not even having a break, paying for parking before getting into work saving lives.

The Government did not listen even then, wanting to sell off the NHS. They are still waiting for PPE.

All are facing this terrible virus, which nobody had known before, everyday and hope we never will see anything like this again.

At the end of this, we will see our loved ones again. Some will not.

Some of the NHS have lost friends, staff they have worked with while caring for others.

Let’s hope our Prime Minister is grateful to the NHS for saving his life and Govermnent help and keep our NHS everyway they can, never putting pressure on doctors, nurses and all workers who care.

One day our lives will slowly get back to normal, not the way it was.

The NHS on the frontline will take longer, if ever. What they have seen and lost; memories which will stay with them forever.

Thank you. God bless you all.

Ex-carer, details supplied