RE his comments on provision of NHS PPE, I have no idea what Mr Gregg's Professorship was in, but it certainly wasn't in respect, common sense or medicine.

To suggest that NHS staff should make do and mend with homemade masks and sunglasses in the face of a potentially fatal virus is contemptible.

These people are risking their lives in order to protect society as a whole.

They deserve our respect and support, not the comments of an unqualified, amateur DIY enthusiast.

They have warned for the last 10 years or more about the budget cuts and the effect on their ability to care for the public, and I'm sure that stocks of PPE were run down as one method of economising.

Now they are having to work in dangerous conditions,without the equipment that the science dictates they need.

The Government’s management of at least this aspect of the crisis has been hapless at best, littered with misinformation about deliveries to hospitals.

No matter what Mr Gregg’s statistics say, the death of one NHS worker as a result of inadequate equipment is an utter disgrace.

Stuart Elwin, Pensby