FOLLOWING the letter in April 29 edition of Globe entitled It's desecration, I have been shocked at the number of trees the council has been felling, not only in Caldy but across Wirral since lockdown.

The reader points out that the Council has officially acknowledged the environmental crisis, and yet even Birkenhead Park has had many trees removed over April.

Wirral’s tree-loss monitoring record shows that since 2015, over 5,500 trees have been cut and felled across the borough.

Surely this is not only not 'essential work', but it is spending public money diverting it from essential support for children and families in poverty, on Wirral, while taking away our vital natural habitats and ecosystems.

In your edition of April 1 about re-connecting with nature, Hannah Stephenson wrote walking among trees reduces levels of cortisol and can boost the immune system.

Not only this, but trees filter the pollutants from our air too.

In a BBC item Your Hedge Could Save Your Life recently, we were shown how trees and hedges intercept pollutants and if planted between schools and roads or in front of our homes, we can be shielded from high levels of pollutants reaching us.

The benefits from trees FAR outweigh any risk; (94% of injuries linked with trees are people using chainsaws or cutting them) ... even then it is one in 150 million risk.

Meanwhile, trees house our nature and alleviate flooding, they are the planet's immune system. without them, we will all perish.

This is not just about other countries' trees, such as the Amazon, but all our trees ...

Wirral included!

We need our immunity more than ever now.

Stop the felling and show a duty of care is for the living and help us to breathe clean, filtered, oxygenated air.

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