I READ in the Globe edition of March 4 about plans to improved disabled access at 14 railway stations in Wirral, thanks to a Government funding boost.

I have written to the local press before regarding Moreton the forgotten town and council neglect. Now here we go again.

It appears that transport secretary Grant Shapps hasn't heard of a town called Moreton either.

Old folk like myself, young ladies with prams or people with shopping trollies all have to climb up stairs or walk the long way around if using a train at Moreton station.

The people who are worse off, of course, are those in wheelchairs.

I feel so sorry for them also. This station is worse off than some off those listed and I challenge Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, to look at Moreton Station.

If, of course, he can find us between Leasowe and Meols.

Peter Armitage, Moreton