ALTHOUGH I was disappointed to read in the Globe that the OC Bar & Grill (formerly Octel Sports and Social Club) has closed its doors in Bromborough, what happens next is of more concern.

Local residents are worried that a property developer will try to buy the land and cram houses on it.

With well over 200 homes currently being built on Acre Lane, the pressure on local services will continue to mount, not to mention the significant increase in cars that are already causing problems for residents who live in and around Allport Road.

Fortunately, Knockaloe Hall is, as I understand it, a listed building and the playing fields are classified as designated recreational ground, which is exactly how it should remain.

What I believe Bromborough needs is an ambitious new owner for the land that is prepared to restore the Octel Club to its former glory as a sports and social club to be proud of.

Over the past 10 years the sports facilities have been allowed to decline.

The tennis courts that were once the pride of the club now look no better than a rundown municipal.

If the right owner turns up, they can make the club special again.

Bromborough resident