JUST a few positive observations, to pierce the gloom and negativity, regarding leaving the European Union after nearly half a century of membership.

A slew of economic data and trusted business confidence supports a promising start for Boris Johnson's government troops after a long three-year battle with Europe and other intransigents.

On a very much deeper level, Europe will suffer a stunning body blow with the loss of our Anglo-Saxon pro-market business model, which contrasts the EU governments that are addicted to a quasi-socialist, big state, heavily interventionist approach.

In comparison, Wirral Council has removed the one-party control which, for many years, stifled initiatives and lacked true transparency with its 'do as you are told' approach.

The new council leader, Pat Hackett, has seized this initiative with considerable personal triumph and integrity.

His 'new broom approach' has improved cohesion and teamwork.

Good healthy debate with the infusion of personal embryonic ideas, now see the light of day.

Finally, developing the local plan is a massive initiative to seek the views and ideas of all the people in Wirral.

This fresh approach will help shape Wirral’s towns, villages, infrastructure, environment and economy.

If Boris Johnson can 'hack it' so can councillor Pat!

Each week your columns extol Cllr Hackett’s leadership qualities and his vision of a thriving and happy Wirral.

As he says, his duty as leader of the council must be carried out with honour for the people of Wirral.

Dave Rogers, 84 years a Wallasey resident