TODAY people in your community are experiencing abuse, stares and bullying simply because of how they look.

Over a quarter of people with a visible difference have experienced a hate crime yet the majority (72%) did not report it.

We know these experiences are having a negative impact on mental health, making people feel anxious about going out and leading to a loss in confidence.

At Changing Faces we're calling on people from across Wirral to report hate crime if they experience it or if they witness someone being abused or harassed because of how they look.

We hope our campaign will help stop the hate by giving people the confidence and the methods to report abuse.

Our advice is, if it feels wrong then it probably is wrong.

If ever there was a time for people who look different to be seen and heard it's now.

Join us and support our #VisibleHate campaign - together we can make sure that people with a visible difference can live the life they want.

Becky Hewitt, Chief executive, Changing Faces