I HAVE recently lost my beloved cousin who died on HDU.

I wanted to say a sincere thank you to Dr Sadera and the team of amazing nurses on this ward for taking such good and tender care of her during her last days and for treating our family with such care, compassion and kindness.

We were allowed unfettered access to be at her bedside, given the use of a well-equipped nearby room and never made to feel we were a nuisance or in the way.

As a relative who’d travelled a significant distance to be at her bedside being treated so kindly by the staff has helped me come to terms with this dreadful loss.

The care provided enabled her to have a peaceful end to her all too short life.

I shall always be grateful to all the staff who contributed to her care.

Thank you so much HDU staff.

When the NHS faces so much criticism I see you as a shining example of exemplary care.

Mandy Talbott, Lincolnshire.