WIRRAL Council’s Streetscene have taken great pains to assure us that their much-lauded Phase II LED street light replacement programme is proceeding at a "prodigious" rate of replacing 60 lights a day across the borough.

We have now entered a new decade and still the key locations which have been repeatedly ignored for the last three to five years have yet to be tackled.

At my third quarterly meeting this year with street lighting officers in December, I was informed that replacement of all lights in the Liscard, Egremont, Seacombe and Poulton areas would be imminent.

They even provided me with a carefully-printed schedule of every single location and the weeks where the contractors would carry out the full replacement works.

As expected, virtually nothing has been done.

How is it they can keep getting away with this?

Do they not think about how other residents (not just myself) are fast losing patience and getting angry at their lack of action?

According to the schedule Liscard was supposed to be tackled between December 12, 2019 and January 2, 2020 - a period of 13 days excepting weekends.

So far, only one road in the whole of Liscard - Dinmore Road - has had all its old lights replaced with LEDs.

As for the rest?

All of them - including the main roads - have yet to see any new replacements, as no work whatsoever was completed anywhere in these areas between December 12 and the present.

And yet Streetscene have the utter audacity to state on their schedule that work will be carried out in Liscard during this three week period.

The date has passed and now they should be tackling Poulton, Egremont and Seacombe between January 3-21.

How is it that these incompetents are still able to hold office?

Surely it is time they were relieved of their duties because this sort of abject mismanagement and casual contempt for residents contradicts everything they say about their commitment - and even now they are leisurely taking their time over everything instead of working to the tight deadlines they are promising.

This is absolutely disgusting and I implore more residents to take them up on this ineptitude.

Name and address supplied.