WE residents of Belvidere Road got quite a fright when dozens of young people were marching down our road some had bottles they were drinking from.

As we are elderly it was a bit scary and in my 77 years I have never seen anything like it.

I then saw a line of police and some with dogs moving the crowd down the road.

I felt so proud of our police as they were doing a difficult job and it could have turned nasty.

Eventually everything quietened down.

But it made us feel safe seeing our police force doing their job excellently.

It is so sad that young people behave in this way, surely they could find better things to do.

I am not saying all young people are like this. It's a sad, sad world out there.

I remember many years ago my son then a teenager said: "Mum, you have taught me right from wrong but when we are out there rules are different."

Well I am glad my young years were not like they are today I have memories of no fighting in streets people were polite to each other.

Those past years were harder but it taught us how to behave.

Today people do what they want without consider anyone but themselves.

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