PEOPLE are wonderfully kind.

Having walked through Coronation Gardens West Kirby, I missed my footing when stepping from the pavement to the road ready for a short walk along the promenade.

Two gentlemen saw it happen, one of whom sat in the road beside me for my protection holding my hand.

The other 'phoned for an ambulance.

In no time someone fetched my husband.

Someone brought a chair from Tanskey's for him to sit on.

Others brought blankets and hot water bottles, Tanskey's produced a foil cover.

I felt well cared for.

Eventually an ambulance arrived and my broken wrist and cut head were attended to in Arrowe Park Hospital.

All staff of all ranks were professional and so kind.

Two days later I was home to more loving care, feeling a bit worse for wear.

To all those who were on the spot just when I needed you thank you so much, especially who have even put a ‘get well’ card through the door.

If your path crosses mine again please say “Hi”.

People really are wonderfully kind.

Barbara Martin, by email