'FUTURE flooding risk for borough' (Wirral Globe, November 20, 2019) was a very frightening article, saying large areas of Wirral will be underwater within the next 30 years, due to melting ice caps and rising sea levels, survey from Climate Central.

If this is true, as Climate Central say, then it's not just going to happen in 30 years to the date on November 20, 2020, it will be a gradual process each year, which is very frightening.

It would mean anybody wishing to sell their house from now on would find it impossible as any potential buyer who read the article would most certainly not be buying a home in those areas: Hoylake, Meols, Moreton, Leasowe, West Kirby, etc.

Are all estate agents aware of the impending climatic disaster?

Also, will insurance companies still provide cover?

Let’s just hope Climate Central, who are responsible for issuing this prediction, have got their calculations wrong.

They say 2050, which is only 30 years.

Should the borough council and Government not be preparing to make some kind of defence plans?

A Jackson, Hoylake.