HAVING read Cllr Liz Grey's excellent reply last week to the writer who is in favour of the spraying of the toxic herbicide glyphosates on Hoylake beach and dunes, I was interested to read the response from Cllr Andrew Gardner, who takes the opposite view.

I am one of the general public who has been appealing to the council for years to be more environmentally-friendly, preserve the trees, plant more wildflowers on roundabouts and verges and crucially, end the use of glyphosates.

Coincidentally, the writer of the first letter this week clearly highlights the dangers of this toxic chemical – and as for his or her final question – perhaps the council, if they are not responsible, would let us know who is.

I am glad Wirral Council has such a well-informed cabinet member for environment & climate change and that she is advocating letting nature take its course on Hoylake beach.

Some residents may prefer to see nature tamed – or "clean" as Cllr Gardner puts it, but if this means using toxic substances, as was done recently, that is certainly not "clean" and ignores the seriousness of the plight we are now in.

We have to work with the natural world, not poison it.

Marian Hussenbux, Woodchurch.