LAST Saturday at around 2pm I was in the crowded Birkenhead bus station and once more gangs of idiots are doing dangerous bike wheelies through there, making the waiting elderly passengers hasten out of the way.

When I finally find a couple of security people ironically wearing yellow "high-vis" jackets they tell me what I have been told before, that the police simply aren’t interested.

They said don't tell them off as it only encourages them.

This is a constant harassment now at peak travel times and seems an insane situation to me.

Why the hell isn't anyone in so-called authority cracking down on this?

It's shameful.

It seems that all sides have simply accepted the unacceptable.

Have they never heard of giving inches and taking miles?

Somebody is going to be injured sooner or later.

I hate going there now, yet it's a central hub station.

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