ON Thursday, August 29, I was in Asda Bromborough shopping.

Somewhere between leaving the till and getting into the car I lost my handbag.

I was very preoccupied that evening because I had a poorly cat and was hurrying to get home to her.

I contacted Asda when I got home after realising my bag was missing but no-one had handed it in.

I then went back down to Asda to check with customer services again.

They also checked with their security team.

I went home thinking I would never see my handbag again.

A neighbour called at my house to say that two young women had found my bag in Asda and brought it to my house but I wasn’t in so they had passed it to him for safekeeping.

I asked if he had taken their names as I wanted to thank them personally.

Unfortunately he had not.

Could the two women who returned my bag please contact lauren.jones@nqnw.co.uk.

Mrs Robinson by email