AN unelected, hereditary monarch has given her "assent" to an unelected Tory Prime Minister to close down an elected House of Commons to force through a no-deal Brexit and hand over this country, lock, stock, and barrel to President Trump and American imperialism.

Trump, himself, is an illegitimate president having polled 2m fewer votes than his Democratic Party opponent, Hillary Clinton, in 2016, but put into power by the undemocratic vagaries of the US electoral college system.

The last English dictator, Charles I, who tried to rule in defiance of the Parliament and people initiated a Civil War and lost his head in 1649.

It is time for the British working class to rise up against Johnson, the Tory dictator, throw him out and save British democracy, the NHS, and the country’s economy from rabidly right-wing Brexiteers and their American puppet-masters.

James Roberts, Wallasey