I MUST respond to the misinformation given by your letter writer James Roberts of Wallasey in the Globe.

Not only has he misunderstood what is involved in the closure of the walk-in centres and what is proposed he claims that the "four Labour MPs have, as usual, been conspicuously absent from the vanguard of protests."

I am at a loss to understand from where he has obtained information to make this incorrect charge.

I cannot speak for the other MPs, but Angela Eagle is leading the vanguard of protest in Wallasey.

She has been very vocal in social media, Facebook, twitter and the local press the day after the announcement, September 21.

She notified Labour Party members by e-mail and organised a street stall in Liscard on September 29 at which she collected signatures on her petition against the closure.

Since then, many thousands have signed this petition.

Copies of this petition are available in her office for anyone who has not yet signed one.

MPs have specifically not been invited to the public meetings (called "roadshows").

Angela has had meetings with the CCG at which she has expressed anger and concern at the proposals being made.

She has another meeting with Simon Banks organised for a few weeks' time and is trying to organise a public meeting of her own with the CCG at Wallasey Town Hall in December.

What else does Mr Roberts expect our MPs to do?

If he really wants to help, I suggest he collects copies of her petition and starts collecting signatures himself and issues an apology for his completely untrue charge.

He could also complete the CCG survey and encourage others to do so and share their concerns with the CCG directly and generally raise their awareness about the Wirral CCG’s urgent care consultation, using their website: wirralurgentcare.co.uk/.

The deadline for the consultation is December 12.

Audrey Moore, Wallasey