THIS council never seems to learn.

Having cried wolf on the Green Belt issue before it now does it again, helped along by our crazy central government.

The council says it has identified 91 sites which could host 2,400 houses.

Peel Holdings have confirmed to the council that they can deliver a minimum of 2,900 houses in the local plan period and up to 6,450 houses, subject to assistance with infrastructure costs.

At the current rate of recovery 3,570 empty houses could be brought back into use over the plan period.

This gives us 8,870 to 12,420 houses available on brown field sites.

But the 803 houses per annum 2017 government target requires a total of 12,045 houses.

At worst we need Green Belt land for 3,175 houses.

But the council plan aims to release 4,900 acres - sufficient at normal densities for 71,000 houses.

Yet again Wirral residents are being treated with contempt by this council.

If the council decides to release the 50 sites in their Green Belt plan do not be fooled into thinking it has anything to do with central government.

It is to do with council politics and greed. How much longer will Wirral voters put up with this perfidious mob?

Professor D P Gregg (retired), Spital.