CLOSE on 40 years ago, while walking from my place of work at Birkenhead docks, I was stopped by a young man looking for directions.

That man was Frank Field, prospective Labour candidate for Birkenhead where I was born and bred.

I inquired what his background was and he said "I am a chairman of the Child Poverty Action Group."

That set me back on my heels that such an organisation was needed in society on the cusp on 1980.

I was born into a poverty-stricken home in 1942 and know from a personal experience what poverty feels and tastes like.

That daily battle to just exist.

I was 16 years old.

Frank has done more in the battle against poverty through his works and knowledge of the horrors of poverty that still pervades the constituents he represents and many tens of thousands like them, than any man and woman.

No-one has worked more tirelessly to rid this country of this cancer.

As a Clause 4 socialist till the day i die, I make this pledge.

I will stand shoulder to shoulder with Frank Field MP in any battle that comes and will.

No surrender Frank, let them ask your constituents who they want to represent them, but they won't because they know the answer.

Tony Weedon, Bromborough.