BIRDS have finally come home to roost and the poor stewardship of Wirral Council is laid bare in all its ramifications.

The council had 14 years to undertake a viability study for the building of the required homes stipulated by the Government within the borough but set their sights on the building of a totally unwanted golf course on a flood plain in Hoylake.

If allowed, whole swedes of our precious Green Belt will be destroyed in order to accommodate this folly.

More than £1m has been squandered on it for viability studies.

They intend to borrow a further £26m to lavish on the undertaking.

The people of this borough will have to pay back that loan when Phil Davies and his fellow cabinet members have long since been and gone.

We have 6,000 empty homes of good quality that could be modernised and updated for those desperate for a home to call their own.

There are 91 brownfield sites across Wirral where 12,000 homes can be built upon.

But that is of no importance to our council when there are acres of pristine virgin land out there ready to be violated and dished out to nefarious speculators interested in only profit and gain.

The land belongs to the people - it should not be disposed of willy nilly by lazy, incompetent public figures or abused by building speculators intent on profit only.

Which begs the question; will this council ever take on the moral responsibilities for their actions or will they continue to treat the people of Wirral with contempt and indifference?

Their legacy will be one of crippling debt, noise and pollution - the air not fit to breath.

S Miller, Upton