ONE of the brightest parts of receiving the Wirral Globe for me is the weekly letter column.

On an annual basis one could loosely say three quarters of the mail in the column is critical of local politics with the leader of the majority party, Labour in this case, in for most of the scathing vitriol concerning the way in which Wirral is politically run, which led me to believe in the May elections just past that the incumbent party would be tossed out by the electors along with their leader.

In fact one went to bed that night convinced that the next morning one would wake up to a new regime in the town hall, no, we had the same old, same old, maybe the electorate thought the opposition were no better.

Many is the time one has read the letters and thought Cllr Davis must read this column and thought how can any normal person read these letters and sleep at night.

One must admit, I will not vote in Wirral elections, one simply does not see the point.

Tony Gaskell, West Kirby