RECENTLY, I attended the Birkenhead and Tranmere constituency meeting.

There were a number of questions submitted to the meeting to be read out and answered, by local councillors.

I was astonished to read, on the top of the committee pre-raised questions page, the statement: 'All questions relating to the Wirral Growth Company, Hoylake Golf Resort and Band H Houses’ will be addressed by Phil Davies (council leader)'.

In answering a question on Hoylake Golf Resort, Mr Davies said: "this is not about golf, it is about a hotel and conference centre with a hotel and spa".

He failed to mention 160 band H houses that have to be built first by the developer or on-going house building from 2021 to 2027 in connection with building the golf resort on green belt farmland.

Are we being told the truth on our greenbelt, are we being ignored, just as we were over the closure of Girtrell Court, Lyndale school and the closure of the fire stations?

Why are councillors NOT allowed to answer questions when it comes to the Hoylake Golf Resort and the £26m loan to a joint venture group?

Phil Simpson, Greasby