THE council's decision to create Wirral Growth Company, the country's largest public-sector led regeneration scheme, is good news for Wirral and particularly New Ferry.

Twelve months on since the blast, New Ferry residents and businesses are still waiting for any sign of help from the Government, despite Tory minister Jake Berry's pre-election assurances reported in the Globe that the Government would play – and pay – its part in the town's rebuilding.

Sadly, as Wirral residents know, you can’t trust the Tories.

Wirral Growth Company will attract hundreds of millions in new investment, create 3,000 new jobs, and start to build the new homes needed across the borough.

Their 'Hire Local, Buy Local' policy will see 60 per cent of workers and materials recruited or sourced locally, meaning more of the benefits of this development stay here in Wirral.

And for those residents and businesses in New Ferry, we welcome the commitment that was made last week for one of the country’s leading urban regeneration-specialists to help get our town back in business.

Cllr Warren Ward New Ferry councillor and campaigner