I WOULD first like to express my deep disappointment that there are people who, in this day and age, still have this distorted view of breastfeeding and take offence to something so biologically natural.

Women's breasts are a specialised to produce milk in order to provide nutrition to their infants.

They also increase babies immunity to disease and decrease the likelihood of allergies, eczema etc.

Breastmilk adapts to suit babies' needs at certain times, it is simply amazing.

There are laws to protect nursing mothers from discrimination while breastfeeding in public.

I would also like to point out that some babies don't take bottles, even of expressed milk.

More so, I would not give my baby a bottle of formula milk just for the satisfaction of the narrow minded views of others.

I also don't think any other mother would not nurse in public for the fear of causing 'offence'.

Fortunately, people like R Cochrane are in a small minority and hope the views expressed in the letter published don't stop or prevent mothers from public feeding or deter mothers who are considering breastfeeding their babies in the first place.

We are simply trying to give our babies the best thing we can and just trying to get on with it.

There are many organisations and people who work hard to support breastfeeding women and try and end the stigma attached to it in the hope of our breastfeeding rates can matching other countries as we are lagging behind.

More recently, clothes group GAP published a photo of a woman breastfeeding her child while on a photoshoot for one of their products.

Gabrielle Cullen, by email