IT was good to read in the February edition of Wirral View that, according to Cllr Phil Davies, Wirral is now the centre for 'offshore renewable engineering'.

Orsted's new 'flagship' site for windmill maintenance is apparently the best thing since sliced bread!

Phil must have read the piece in Renewable Energy News , etc, which reported that several hundred offshore windmills supplied by Siemens, including those of Orsted, have suffered unexpected problems including severe blade erosion requiring expensive repair or replacement.

That should keep Orsted's base busy in the short term.

But as to the medium term, did Phil not also read the Financial Times piece (23.02.18) Global renewable energy sector faces Enron-style collapse.

With the end of cheap money and subsidies and the US shale gas revolution, the 'windmill era' may be ending again just as it did when coal and oil arrived in the 19th century.

If Phil wants economic renewal for Wirral he should forget politically-correct fantasy, embrace reality and talk to Quadrilla.

Professor DP Gregg (retired), by email