I HAVE criticised the council in previous letters but will offer constructive comments today.

The council's chief worry seems to be how the borough will manage solvency after the rate support grant is abolished.

This would explain the cuts apparently made in excess of national government requirements.

The answer to any shortfall after RSG goes could be a combination of money raised from the proposed regeneration of areas of the borough to promote businesses and therefore create rate revenue for Wirral, and national government allowing any VAT raised in the borough to be kept by the council for future expenditure.

An alternative would be a local income tax, or even all three options together.

My only negative comment today is about the state of certain main roads in the borough, Irby Road towards Irby village in particular.

The surface is breaking up alarmingly.

I wonder what the money supplied some time ago by national government was used for, if anything.

It certainly wasn't spent on main road repairs.

Alan Keating, by email