I BREASTFED both of my children.

I tried expressing my own milk and leaving it in a bottle so I could have a break.

Neither would entertain a rubber teat and would scream the place down and refuse it.

So, while it 'won't harm' to have a bottle, some babies will not take it.

I wonder what R Cochrane finds preferable, a baby quietly feeding from its mother under her top or one bawling the place down as it is hungry?

Secondly, bottle feeding requires scrubbing and sterilisation.

Maybe when you're bottle feeding four-hourly this is an option.

I breastfed my second every two hours day and night until he was eight months old, despite having solids from four months.

When you are sleep deprived and exhausted, I am sure you are going to bother sterilising bottles just in case you bump into R Cochrane while out.

Thirdly, R Cochrane rightly mentions the pollution in today’s world.

Breastfeeding gives important antibodies from mum to baby and boosts the immune system which helps fight off the dangers of pollution.

I cannot believe in this day and age of reality shows showing people bed hopping, getting paralytic and wearing next to nothing, that people can be offended by a baby being fed.

I presume R Cochrane has never been abroad, as he would spend the week distributing pamphlets on covering yourself up.

Breastfeeding is the best thing for your baby and mothers should be encouraged to feed anywhere they wish.

I hope more mums now start feeding in the hope they bump into this ill-informed person.

A Thomas, By email