DOES R Cochrane not know that there is actually nothing shameful, sexual or immodest about breastfeeding?

The primary biological function of breasts is to feed our babies and not something any woman should be made to feel ashamed of.

The right to breastfeed anywhere is protected by law and to ask or imply that a mother should move, cover up or use a bottle actually breaches this law.

Regarding ‘an occasional bottle feed will not harm a baby’ and ‘indisputable fact’. I’m not sure which scientific journal and peer- reviewed studies R Cochrane is getting his facts from but they don’t tally with the ones referenced by the NHS, WHO or UNICEF.

The statistics in the Globe article were not meaningless and the campaign is not devoid of reason.

Every study that has ever been conducted into the difference between breastfeeding and artificially feeding shows that there are undisputed health risks.

The bigotry and intolerance displayed from R Cochrane show a significant level of ignorance, and attitudes like his contribute to our desperately low breastfeeding rates, rates which are so low that they constitute a public health issue.

If R Cochrane is offended by the sight of a mother feeding her baby at the breast the solution is actually very simple.

Look away.

Jenny Allen, Neston