I HAVE recently returned to live on Wirral after a spell in Bristol.

Since being back I have received two copies of Newsline published by the local Conservative party.

Both issues made a great deal of the proposal to supply households with extra bins for food waste.

These articles show that the new bins would be the same size as present waste bins.

They imply that these would be difficult to handle.

In my experience this is totally inaccurate.

In Bristol we had two bins, a small caddy which was kept in the kitchen then emptied into a larger bin outside which was less than 2ft tall and easily held the waste for a whole week.

The bin was emptied weekly.

The food waste was then processed to produce a methane rich bio-gas which is used to produce electricity or converted into enriched biomethane.

In Bristol this is used to fuel bio- buses or heat homes.

The solid by-product of the process is used as a nutrient rich bio-fertiliser which is highly prized by local farmers.

Instead of scaremongering by the local Conservatives, I would like to see their proposals to usefully dispose of food waste instead of sending it to landfill as well as trying to explain why their party in government is reducing the grant to Wirral Council by £60 million this year on top of the £170 million it has taken since 2010.

John Ellis, by email