THANK you for bringing to the public's attention the plight of respite homes - 'Staff issues' force temporary closure, (Globe February 14 edition).

After working for the council many years ago being a carer, it is plain to see that the wages these carers earn are not enough to do the hard job of looking after the elderly.

I was paid a lot more each week 25 years ago, than is on offer now from the greedy owners.

I know how much we have to pay for respite, because I need it every so often or I would be ill myself.

I forget the number of homes I have checked and refused because of the poor hygiene and smells.

I picked my husband up after a day because I felt so guilty.

Good job I did, because he was suffering from pneumonia.

Nobody had picked up on him being ill.

He was admitted to hospital that day.

Minimum wage is a joke.

Again I think you for your article.

Name and address supplied