ON Tuesday, February 6, I had been shopping at Asda in Woodchurch.

On leaving, as I headed towards Arrowe Park, my car broke down in the outside lane.

I am a disabled person, aged 92, and due to very heavy traffic had to sit there for approximately 45 minutes.

A young lady who was walking from Arrowe Park towards Asda saw I was stranded.

She got into my car, phoned the AA for me and sat with me for around 30 minutes until she had to pick her daughter up from school.

At that point, two men from a truck came along and the three of them pushed my car into the inside lane to wait for the AA.

The young lady returned to my car, bringing a foil emergency blanket and an energy bar of chocolate.

I completely forget to ask her name.

I know she lives in Greasby.

I would like to thank her and the two men as well, really and truly.

There are some really decent, helpful people around.

Once again, thanks to those people.

Matthew Toner, West Kirby