I WROTE to the Globe regarding the removal of the 901 bus service in January.

Several people have responded since then, all of them have said the bus service should be restored.

Unfortunately, there has been a deafening silence on the part of Merseytravel, the body which actually has the power to effect the restoration.

It is really disappointing that Merseytravel has not responded to the points made.

They, of course, will say that their budget has been cut to the bone by central Government and there is nothing they can do etc.

The removal of service affects the residents of Saughall Massie today but there is nothing to stop similar removal of bus services in other area of Wirral.

Residents in places likes West Kirby and Hoylake need to consider the distinct possibility of their existing bus services being reduced or removed, just like Saughall Massie.

We, in Saughall Massie, have not even got a train station to make up for the loss of the 901.

It is a 25 minutes walk to Meols station and 20 minutes walk to Moreton.

The chief executive of Merseytravel has not chosen to join the debate at all or to respond to communications on this matter; local councillors have asked him to exercise is power but nothing has happened.

I would like everyone who feels aggrieved about this matter to contact the chief executive of Merseytravel to demand the restoration of the 901 bus.

Failure to do anything, or say anything are the best ways of ensuring that the service remained deleted, that is for sure.

Edward Robertson, Saughall Massie