I READ in the Globe that GMB Union members are to stage a series of strikes in support of a wage dispute.

Are their memories so short?

A once great manufacturer was brought to its knees by restrictive practices, uncompetitive wages etc.

Gradually the cost of ship building became so prohibitive that potential customers took their business abroad.

Recently, the company has had a re-generation.

Orders have started to be placed.

There is a promise of a bright future.

Apprenticeships have been created, elusive jobs maintained.

These strikes suggest history is doomed to repeat itself.

Wirral is trying to sell itself as a place to do business yet, here we go again.

Like it or not this part of the world has a reputation for poor industrial relations.

So depressing.

It must be in everyone's interests to keep manufacturing jobs in the locality, particularly now that we are on the brink of leaving the EU to compete in world markets.

As I understand it the company wants a long term wage structure, to plan for the future.

They could be forgiven for thinking, why bother.

G Barlow, Greasby