SO, policing minister Nick Hurd's proposal is to make up the shortfall of funding the police service by getting tax-payers to cough up an extra £1 a month through council tax.

On January 20, 2013 my council tax was £123 – on January 22, 2018 it was £145.

Add to this, £40 per year for the brown bin, and the total per month is £149.

An increase of £26 per month, £260 a year and for what?

The running down of services which we now have. But we have more increases to come in 2018 goodness knows what we will be paying then?

Now if you take a look at all the 'POTS' that the government has, one for pensions, the NHS, education etc.

Well the ‘pot’ for policing is getting low and in order to maintain this services money has to be raised from somewhere.

Take it out of the 'overseas foreign aid pot', not the hard-earned taxpayers.

Then if Nick Hurd was to propose that the 'policing pot' be topped this way it would more acceptable by me and everyone I have spoken too.

John, Claughton