MR Alan Keating tells us Wirral Council should use millions of pounds of reserves and reduce inflated expenses of our councillors.

Mr Keating has been misguided by the Tory government lies.

The fact is the £60m cuts of funding were by the Tory party.

Mr Keating suggests that the council's million pound reserve fund should be raided.

The council has used £300,000 of its reserve fund for the blast at New Ferry which devastated that area on March 25 last year.

Sadly, the Tory government has not or will not give financial help for the New Ferry explosion, rebuild, etc.

That fund is for emergencies like the New Ferry blast not to subsidise government austerity cuts to Wirral’s finances.

To top it all, Tory MP Mr Nick Hurd has told our Police Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy to ask local tax players to cough up an extra £1 a month towards the local police budget.

Mr Proctor, by email