REGARDING Bill Heap’s comments on the actions of other drivers towards him and his ‘majestic’ Rover 75.

I suggest, Mr Heap, you clarify the use of vehicle horn/lights/driver’s hand gestures from your vehicle.

It seems that you are in error of Highway Code and lawful regulations by your stated comments.

It seems by your ‘politically’ correct/humorously demise of fellow drivers, you are venting your frustration at their actions.

I am sure the V signal is not the one for Victory, but sadly to say, the opposite demeaning use.

Many drivers are total idiots, for whatever reason.

But don’t let that effect your driving, or jungle law would prevail. Relax, chill out, stop the driver aggravation.

I, being 68, have driven since 1972, in the UK and USA for business and leisure, with no accidents.

I know what I am talking about.

I would love to hear other readers comments on this subject.

A Buckenham, by email