I READ with interest your update on the saga of the new parking charges at the Wirral's Country parks (Council pushes on with installation of parking meters at Wirral Country parksGlobe, January 10).

I was particularly interested in Cllr Stuart Whittingham tying himself into knots trying to justify the parking charges.

On the one hand he claimed the revenue raised will ‘be reinvested into maintaining the parks'.

Globe readers may assume this means that car parks will be improved and maintenance of the parks improved with the extra revenue raised.

However on the other hand Cllr Whittingham talked about the budget gap left by central government reductions in grant and how parking charges are required to ‘fill’ the gap.

Clearly he can't have it both ways.

My suspicion is that I ought not to hold my breath waiting for any improvements to appear out of these charges.

Stuart Kelly, Liberal Democrat councillor – Oxton Ward