THE outrageous hypocrisy of this Labour-run council is staggering.

Midlothian Council tried to charge for parking at parks and recreational areas.

It backfired spectacularly as the Scots decided to boycott any areas these meters were placed.

It resulted in the authority having to borrow £2million from Wirral council to stay afloat.

This begs other questions, for example why wasn't the money used to create employment here and jobs of works for which it was intended?

We've already had increased parking charges across Wirral.

If this council is lending out millions of pounds to other Labour councils, then this money could also have been used to either pay off part or all of the disastrous Private Finance Initiative contracts it holds.

Even worse we all had to pay a whopping five per cent council tax increase last year because this council claimed it was suffering to run services due to budgetary constraints imposed upon it by the government.

Things don't seem to stack up.

There can only be one reason for these parking charges.

That is to fleece motorists and working people to service the PFI debts instead of paying them off.

It is another example of Labour's relentless attack on people's wage packets.

It also flies in the face of the people who genuinely protested against these charges and is a disgrace on many levels.

How much longer are the people of this borough going to put up with this abject hypocrisy.

We need to change the record as this one is scratched.

Mike Holt, UKIP candidate for Leasowe and Moreton East