JUST when I thought our council was beginning to be half sensible, it revives the charges for parking at Wirral Country Parks.

What next?

Maybe toll booths at the entrance to public footpaths?

That may be too outlandish even for Wirral Council (yet)!

No, they will probably settle for the relaunch of the food bin.

Though don't rule out them taxing pedestrians for walking on pavements.

The mantra 'it's the Tory cuts to blame' for Wirral Council supposedly having no money has no credibility.

Wirral Council has millions of pounds in reserve.

It has no need to make cuts and charge us for everything but the air we breathe, seemingly.

It is, in fact, the lending bank for a host of other councils.

So, amazingly, there must be worse-run local authorities than Wirral!

Councillors should share in austerity and reduce their inflated expenses, if the borough is so cash strapped.

Alan Keating by email