THIS week visitors from Europe and further afield came to Wirral to represent and celebrate the existence of Urban Parks.

Birkenhead Park – the world's first public park, not only celebrates its 175th birthday, it also received the gold medal award for most outstanding park. Whisper – it is to be nominated for World Heritage status.

Back in 1847 what sense of pride the people of Birkenhead must have felt as the gates of the park were opened for the first time and they were free to come and go as they pleased and cherish the delights of this most wonderful oasis in their midst.

The park was for everyone not the rich and titled. What a legacy its founding fathers have left to us all.

Our current group of leaders at the town hall are intent on building a golf course on a flood plain in Hoylake together with 160 "executive" homes; a spa, hotel and sports centre and entomb hundreds of acres of Green Belt under concrete for a car park.

Such an undertaking will inevitably exacerbate the potential of flooding within the areas of Hoylake, Meols, Moreton and surrounding regions.

It will lead to higher levels of pollution, traffic congestion, noise and disruption while doing nothing for the local economy.

It could also have a negative effect of the price of properties within the area.

The preposterous idea of building a by-pass the other side of the railway crossing at Hoylake would cause havoc every time a train passed to and from the city of Liverpool.

The enterprise has already cost the ratepayers millions of pounds.

Our Green Belt helps to keep the very air that we breath clean and not full of pollutants as is the case of much of the country.

Reflect on your legacy, councillors, regardless of your political hue.

Remember ignorance is no excuse.

Stephanie Miller, Upton.