TRANMERE Rovers' boss Micky Mellon believes a positive change in fortunes is around the corner for his side after a run of disappointing results.

Speaking during a press conference at the club's Solar Campus training ground ahead of Saturday's game against Boreham Wood at Prenton Park and the away match against Solihull Moors on Bank Holiday Monday, Mellon said the team was working hard to tackle issues that have seen them pick up only five points in the season's five opening games.

Reflecting on recent performances, he told the Globe: "I believe change is around the corner and we will start getting results."

He continued: "I'm very disappointed with the results and points tally and I have made that very clear to the players.

"I never come into the season thinking anything else other than we need to work hard to improve and get results.

"I'm not looking for excuses. We have to get results and we are looking deeply into the reasons why we haven't been.

"You've got to work hard and improve today.

"I'm disappointed that we are creating a lot of chances, but not winning.

"You've got to take chances when they come along.

"I'm confident that when we eventually start to take off, then somebody will get a pasting and we will be away."

Mellon's disappointment was echoed by striker James Norwood, who said during this afternoon's press conference: 

"For the last five games we have let ourselves down at times; it's a matter of time before we begin to turn the corner and do things right.

"We're working hard this week.

"Five points from five games won't damage our chances this early in the season, but we need to win more games and as long as we start scoring I'll be happy."

He continued: "We were the team to beat last year; I think we've been so for the last two years we've been in this league. We were a big scalp.

"It's about getting a run again and scoring goals; it just takes one goal to set you off again."