THIS week's Winter Flyers Tournament in Birkenhead Park was won for the second time in three weeks by New Brighton Quarry Vikings John Harrison who continued his run of good form, beating West Kirby's Bill Atkinson in the final.

Harrison was a little too good for St George's Vic Williams in his quarter final game and then had an excellent win in the semis over the player currently at the top of the points table, Paul Roberts of the Hawksbury club in North Wales.

Meanwhile Atkinson proved to be a little too consistent for the Magazine's Paul Smyth in the quarter finals and then John Joy who plays for St Georges.

However in the final it was Harrison's consistency that proved to be too much for Atkinson and he ran out a fairly comfortable winner.


Quarter Finals: J Harrison (New Brighton Quarry Vikings) 21, V Williams (St Georges) 12: P Roberts (Hawksbury) 21, J Edwards (Gladstone) 19; J Joy (St George's) 21, R Lynch (Gladstone) 15; W Atkinson (West Kirby) 21, P Smyth (Magazine) 13.

Semi Finals: Harrison 21, Roberts 16; Atkinson 21, Joy 13. Final: Harrison 21, Atkinson 14.

Currently the leading players in the points table are: Paul Roberts 42, Jamie Fitzpatrick 36, John Harrison 32, Bill Atkinson 30 and Ray Lynch 27