THE bowlers had to brave a bitterly cold day in Birkenhead Park on Sunday but nevertheless there was a reasonable number of hardy souls who were prepared to risk frostbite.

Tixall's Jamie Fitzpatrick chose this day for his first visit of 2017 and he showed that he was in fine form as he just pipped Upton Victory Hall's Tony Cavanagh in the final to take the first prize.

In the quarter finals he was far too consistent for Vic Williams of St Georges and he followed this with a fairly comfortable win over his team mate at Tixalls, Mick Andrews in the semis.

Cavanagh had a real tough opponent, Tixall's Ray Lynch, in the quarter finals, but he came through with an impressive win and he then had another good win in the semis over Jason Dermott of Gladstone.

Despite the difficult conditions the green played very well and the final was a tremendous game which was a credit to both players.

Cavanagh actually led at 20-19 to win the match but he left both his woods just slightly short and Fitzpatrick seized the opportunity to clinch victory.