IT was bleak and wet in Birkenhead Park, but this did not deter the usual band of bowlers from turning up and enjoying the Sunday morning competition.

Tixall's Mick Andrews put last week's set back behind him and came through the field to record yet another win, beating Lever's Colin Portis in a close final.

Both the finalists had fairly comfortable wins in their quarter final and semi-final matches.

Andrews was a little too good for Port Sunlight's Peter McBride and then he got the better of Lever's Joe Edwards.

Portis, coming back from injury, was in great form and totally dominated his games against Upton Victory's Tony Ratcliffe and then New Brighton Quarry Viking's John Harrison.

The final was close throughout and at 19 across with the jack in his hand Portis must have felt it was his day.

Unfortunately for him a poor lead gave his opponent the chance to come back and it was Andrews who took the first prize.


Quarter Finals: M. Andrews (Tixall) 21, P. McBride (Port Sunlight Village and Works) 11; J. Edwards (Levers) 21, R. Fitzpatrick (Tixall) 18; C. Portis (Levers) 21, T. Ratcliffe (Upton Victory Hall) 10; J. Harrison (New Brighton Quarry Vikings) 21, A. O'Neill (Tixall) 18.

Semi Finals: Andrews 21, Edwards 13; Portis 21, Harrison 07. Final: Andrews 21, Portis 19.