IN the top 16 final flyers tournament of 2015 Tixall's Jamie Fitzpatrick made it "business as usual" by beating Lever's Colin Portis in the final and winning yet again.

With seven wins in just nine visits to Birkenhead Park during the Autumn session Fitzpatrick has been totally dominant in this series.

His opponent in the quarter finals Upton's Tony Ratcliffe tried to repeat an earlier success, but Fitzpatrick was just too consistent and he then had a fairly emphatic win over Gladstone's Ray Lynch to reach the final.

Portis was in very good form in the early rounds.

He beat Tixall's Mick Andrews in the quarter finals but he then had a very nervy end to his semi-final game against John Harrison, just scraping through 21-19.

Portis played well in the final but Fitzpatrick always seemed to find the right bowl when it was needed and he was a very worthy winner.


Last 16:  J. Fitzpatrick 21, J. Ivanoff 09; T. Ratcliffe 21, D. Gilmore 19; R. Lynch 21, J. Hignett Snr 12; J. Edwards 21, N. Woodward 17; J. Harrison 21, K. Howgate 11; E. Dutton 21, A. Buchanan 16; C. Portis 21, P. McGhee 09; M. Andrews 21, F. Doherty 11.

Quarter finals:  Fitzpatrick 21, Ratcliffe 16; Lynch 21, Edwards 16; Harrison 21, Dutton 17; Portis 21, Andrews 15.

Semi Finals: Fitzpatrick 21, Lynch 11; Portis 21, Harrison 19. Final: Fitzpatrick 21, Portis 17.

The Flyers recommence in Birkenhead Park on Sunday, January 3 but before that the Pensby Pairs Tournament is on Monday, December 28.