WIRRAL District FA has announced it is disbanding this summer after 139 years of supporting grassroots football in the region.

Founded in 1885, the first meeting of the Wirral Football Association was held on Wednesday, November 4 1885 at the Royal Castle Hotel on Chester Road. The meeting was attended by a number of small clubs but within a month, the first cup competition named the Wirral Challenge Cup, was being played. 

A statement read: "It is with great sadness that the Wirral District FA, after 139 years of supporting grassroots football, is disbanding at the end of the June 2024.

"From Season 2024 -25 all County Football Associations have to comply with the FA's 'Code of Governance' (COG) and we will see a new way County FAs will be run for the next four years.

"Following a review of District Associations, County FAs will not recognise Affiliated District Associations and as such the seven District Associations in Cheshire will cease as supporting the County FA at a 'Local Level'.

"Information regarding the COG and changes to the way the Cheshire County FA (CCFA) will be operating will be circulated to clubs and leagues in the near future. They will also be consulting with stakeholders to discuss options for the introduction of Regional Cup Competitions.

"At a recent meeting the Wirral DFA the Council Members discussed the COG and they took into account the position Wirral DFA would be in if we were to continue for the final season 2024-25.

"It was felt that with the introduction of Advisory Groups replacing Committee Structures at CCFA, our independence in decision making would be limited if not withdrawn completely for the final season. Therefore the unanimous decision to end in June 2024 was taken by the members.

"The District Association Council Members wish to express their sincere thanks to the Leagues, Clubs, Teams and Players, past and present, for their continued support of the Association for their 139 year tenure in local football.

"For the WDFA Officers, It has been a pleasure to have worked with so many dedicated hard working volunteers and we hope all Leagues, Clubs and Players have the success they deserve in the future. Best wishes from everyone at Wirral District FA."